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At JBay Academy we provide your child with multiple educational options with our 5 Academies to choose from.

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About Us

JBay Academy is in the business of educating humans young and old. But we’re all about quality. When you sign up with us, expect education of the highest calibre.

We offer your child (or you) personal attention in a small setting, which means that growth is guaranteed.

JBay Academy was started in 2009, when Renette Matthee and Stephanie Pienaar realised that their own children needed more than what a main stream school could offer. They converted a living room into a “school” and with great excitement bought a white board and gathered around the dining room table. Their children were eager and hard-working and the two moms immediately noticed a difference in their work and behaviour.

Each learner worked at their own pace and it wasn’t long before their marks showed significant improvement. The learners became more confident and with inquiring minds, they surprised their “tutors” and themselves every day. They went on excursions and made sure the learners became balanced self-assured young adults.

After a while more parents with the same vision for their children contacted the school and the class grew to six learners. Four years later they all matriculated, some with matric exemption.


In 2013 Renette decided to expand the school’s horizon and took a big step by renting a bigger space and appointing more tutors, a move that added 17 learners from grade 8 to grade 12. She realised that more learners needed what JBay Academy offers: smaller classes, passionate tutors and a relaxed atmosphere where learners can work and develop at their own pace.

In 2014, JBay Academy also started a primary school, which exploded into two parts in 2015, a foundation phase (GrR to Gr 3) and a Middle School (Gr4 to Gr7), with the Secondary school on its own premises.

But Jbay Academy is not all about studies only.

We also offer other activities, such as an Outdoor Club, D-groups and an Interact Club. Learners also excel in sport, such as martial arts, surfing, swimming, gymnastics and more.

With hard work and commitment, you can truly Reach Your Dream at JBay Academy.


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